Monday, October 31, 2016

A New Source of Power

"Be strong in the Lord & His mighty power!" A good friend texted me this the day I left for Africa and told me to repeat it over and over again emphasizing different words every time. Be STRONG...... His mighty POWER.... Strong in the LORD....His MIGHTY power.

I decided that my goal while in Africa would be to unplug from the world and to plug completely into the Kingdom. In escaping the landscape of America and all of its distractions, I wanted to live in complete trust and dependence on God away from my "normal" and out of my comfort zone. In my journal entry that day I challenged myself to rest, be un-rushed, stay calm, and to see the needs around me.

In the airport I felt completely blanketed in prayers, love & support and whenever I started to feel the tinge bit of nervousness a tender but stern voice would say "Fear not, for I am with you Amanda."

The flights from Providence, RI to Detroit, MI to Amsterdam to Nairobi went safely and seamlessly. (Loved flying on that 747!) Once in Nairobi my team and I spent the night in a very quaint and gracious hotel before starting our 6-8 hour car journey to Migori, Kenya, Brittney's Home of Grace the next morning.

Flight Information!
Kenya Visa & Yellow Fever, Typhoid, Meningitis & Hep A proof of vaccination
Isaiah 6:8 

The Team!!! 2 surgeons, 1 medical assistant, 1 ancillary staff, 1 OB RN, 1 PACU RN, 3 CRNA's, 1 General Care MD, 1 SRNA!

Thank you Lord for bringing us together and sending us together.

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