Saturday, November 26, 2016

The little things: Love & Value

 Day 2 continued.... 

Before heading off to the medical clinic to familiarize ourselves with the layout and the equipment we were honored to go on a home visit.

Meet Schopine (left) & Lizzie (middle). They lost their parents a couple years ago and now live at Brittney's Home of Grace. The rest of their siblings live outside of the compound in Migori and we are taking them to visit their family.  

They were so excited! As soon as we got close Schopine pointed and said "that's my house!"

Reunited with their siblings temporarily. Look at those smiles!

Some of our team brought them gifts from America.What an honor to provide things to these amazing children. They were so grateful. 

And here is Mildred. The oldest sister who dropped out of high school in order to care for her siblings when their parents died. The missionary Devry said she hadn't seen her smile like that in at least 2 years. Amazing. She is pictured here in their one room house.

 And now the bubbles!!!
We captured the attention of all the kids in the neighborhood when we were all gathered at Mildred's house. We came prepared though with a box of bubbles. And to all of our surprise these children had never, ever blown bubbles and we all had an absolute blast.
Trying to figure out what they are.....
Taught them how to say "bubbles." It's amazing.... none of them spoke English and we didn't speak Swahili but love can be felt and known across nations, barriers and cultures. 

Never underestimate the value you can place on others' lives. Never underestimate the power you have to make a difference.
Life's blessings are in the small things. 

Here's a video...if it will play

Back at Brittney's home of grace we spent some time with the children. As I pushed them on the swings we loudly sang songs in Swahili (I had no idea what I was saying, but I just repeated what they said) and they laughed and smiled and my heart just melted.

To lose oneself in serving others, is to truly glimpse the endless possibilities of heaven. May we find moments in our day when we truly see the glittering of heaven on earth.

I don't know all of these children's stories but I do know that life hasn't been easy for them. They were left parent-less in a harsh world yet they are loving and beautiful and warm up quickly to the hand of God's compassion and mercy.
Thank you God for sending me. 

I believe that when Jesus got on his knees to wash the disciples feet and I believe that when Mary sat at Jesus' feet, it was setting an example for all of us to recognize what truly matters. In this time and in this place, with eyes looking toward heaven and feet planted on the ground, may I understand the magnitude of placing worth on those around me because that is truly what really matters. That's how you live an extraordinary life.

                                         God's gift to us is often God's gift to others through us.

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