Sunday, November 6, 2016

Karibu: Welcome with Intention (Warning: Lots of photos!)

Here are some photos from our Nairobi drive to Migori:

The beautiful countryside of Africa 

We stopped for a delicious lunch and did some shopping and talked with the locals. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I bought a cross necklace that I have yet to take off.

I still cannot believe that I'm in Africa!!!! Wow!!! I was so tired but couldn't stop looking at all there was to see around me. Tea farms, women carrying heavy loads of stuff on top of their head, children herding cattle and goats, donkeys/mules carrying water....what a lifestyle difference. And everyone was so beautifully dressed and put together. It was incredible.
Town market 
Lots of cattles & donkeys roaming the towns.

Found a Shell station & Visa in Africa!

Bikes seemed to be the way of transportation.

At around 6pm-ish we finally arrived  (this was 11am Eastern time--7 hour time difference)!!
We made it!!!

These beautiful faces welcomed us! 

The children made signs to decorate our rooms with!

Within 30secs of pulling into Brittney's Home of Grace, seeing these excited and beautiful children and receiving hugs and welcome signs from was all worth it. 3 plane rides, 20-some hours of travel, giving up clean water and the comfort-ability of my life.... all worth it. This moment moved me to tears. The missionaries and Steve James (founder/CEO) hugged us and welcomed us as well. It was as if we were coming we all knew each other somehow...I felt so welcomed and loved.

I thought I was there to serve and bless others, yet here we were being served and blessed ourselves. God is good!

And if that wasn't enough the children worked for 2 hours after school and prior to our arrival to put on a show for us. At the last song we got up and danced with them... I believe we did a little twist to the macarena!

 Now dinner time! I have to admit I was a bit nervous about the food and ended up giving all my snacks I packed to the missionaries and the children. Our dinner was fresh fish tacos, rice and cooked kale and I enjoyed a Ginger soda. We had prayer before dinner and then all shared our stories about what brought us to Kenya. The stories were powerful---God had weaved us all together and connected us in ways that you knew it could only be Him.

Devotions & Dinner! Our gathering place. 

Our schedule for the week.

Laying in bed that night I couldn't sleep because I was in such awe of what God was doing here and what He is going to continue to do.

My journal entry that day states: "When I reflect on Africa may I remember to be friendly, welcoming and to slow down. Living with Intention."


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