Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Journey Home

After landing safely in Amsterdam I said the final good-byes to my team. It was definitely a bittersweet moment, but as I hugged them and let go I still tightly grasped onto the lessons that Africa taught me. I want to go home changed, more like Jesus, having a better perspective, more loving, more tolerant and more welcoming.

As I changed planes and waited in airports I thought about what I was going back to: the final 2 months of class & clinical. When I left for Africa I was beaten down and exhausted...I lost what the point was somewhere along the way. How can I now go back and truly walk differently in the hardships and the mundane of the every day? I had to ask myself: does my behavior in all facets of my life reflect my belief in God? Is my life evident of who I serve?

We all know by now that we cannot control the actions of others and though we work for degrees, promotions, grades, relationships.....we still can't control the results. But I rest in the fact that the results aren't up to me, the effort though is. Persevering in faithfulness and showing up when every fiber in you doesn't want to is what we have to do. We must serve Jesus even when we are discouraged and even when no one says thank you because no one is paying attention. We must carry each other's burdens and work for God, looking for the treasures of heaven He showers all over our days. We must work for the benefit of all, never growing tired of the hard work it sometimes is to simply do good and to at the bare minimum just show up.

Luke 10: 34
"Love your neighbor as your self and you will live. The Samaritan took pity on a man who had been robbed and beaten, he bandaged him and placed him on his donkey and took him to an inn"
                                                               Have mercy on each other.

There is NOTHING God cannot do through you. But there is no path without risk and all roads will have toils and snares. Show up anyways.

                              "He who refreshes others will himself be refreshed." Proverbs 11:15

Blaze a trail! Run don't walk! Depend and seek God. Never give up! Always show up! Always create time to rest, reset and pray for guidance and refreshment. Partner with the Gospel! Be changed and motivated by the word of God. Sing your songs loudly. Don't dilute your stories, your past or your testimony! The good, the bad and the ugly is a beautiful integration of who we are, who we were and the exciting journey of who we have yet to become. You are what people need. Share your life, your love, your pain, and your story. Live out all your days in joyfulness. You are here!
                                                   Fill me up God that I might overflow!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


 The Vast Beauty of God's Creation 

We arrived to the Masa Marai safely and it is gorgeous!!

The Lobby walking in

Our room

We were told that if we didn't keep our windows closed...a baboon would have no problem hopping in!

The view from our room was incredibly breathtaking:

In between game drives I ordered a drink and sat and journaled by the pool. I decided I was going to continue the daily fight of picking up my cross, putting on my armor and submitting to God's will and the denial of worldly things. May I yearn for the things of God, to live pre-occupied by God's beauty... He is an all-consuming fire

Photos from our Safari Game Drives
Kenya Relief has the best drivers! Driving where there are no roads is an art. They took such good care of us. Truly men of service!

As I prepared to leave Kenya....I felt the ashes of what was left in my heart burning, of what to take back with me. May I rise...rise above my circumstances, may I walk, actually may I run my race, becoming more like Jesus every day. May I just be grateful, grateful for my own breath on my lips, the cold wind on my face. This life, this is the air up there, on earth be done as it is in heaven until His Kingdom come. May we all be victorious in this life by serving in any way we can.

The sun sets and it rises of no doing of our own. Divine power is exactly what brought us here and it's exactly what will bring us home. Teach us to number our days so that we don't miss the beauty and the colors of the world lying before us....a world desperate for God's touch, His love and our God-given dreams. Step into your passion... the roads lying before us in Africa would never have been there if someone's dream hadn't of made them.

"Follow me and I will make you fishers of men...." No one can walk your path because it's yours. Create it.